About Binary Options

Binary options are ideal for short-term trading, and offer quick, short-term gains or losses with strict risk control.What is a binary contract?Binary options are based on the performance of the underlying market, and are often extremely volatile, even if the Underlying appears relatively static. A small movement of the underlying asset can make all the difference between the binary option if it ends with 0 or 100. For this reason, you should use the binary options pay the greatest attention.

How it works?

The binary option allows you to represent your opinion as to whether a particular event will occur or not. Binary options types

All binary options settle either at 0 or 100, but there are several criteria that must be met in order for one of these values ​​is obtained.

High / low

A ‘FTSE ® closes under’ contract anticipates at 100 if the FTSE 100 and closes at 0 if the market closes above the opening price.


A manager is a contract type high / low contract, with the assumption that the underlying market over a certain level closes. For example, a ‘FTSE ® to close more than 5,800′ contract manager expects at 100 if the FTSE 100 from the trading day on the brand from 5800 and 0 if the FTSE 100 closes at the 5800th.


A target contract is a more specific type of high / low contract, which implies that the market is leaving the business within a certain price range. Example: A ‘® FTSE closes at 60-70 Points’ contract counted at 100 if the FTSE 100 includes from 60 to 70 points, and 0 if another arrives.


A Hi-Lo contract a similar contract as a target, but it defines a particular market. It raises the question of whether the daily high and daily low is within a certain distance to the last closing level, such as’ FTSE ® high above +50 to +60.

One Touch

A One Touch contract raises the question of whether a market will break through a certain level, or not, at a time before expiration.

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